The Security Guard training allows an individual to work in the security industry as a standard security guard. The SIA Security Guard license allows an individual to work in many premises; for example shopping malls, retail, construction sites, residential sites, schools, hospitals, banks etc.

This accredited qualification has been developed to meet the requirements of the Security Industry Authority (SIA). It is based on the relevant SIA Specifications for Learning and Qualifications and provides the necessary skills and knowledge for those who wish to apply for an SIA licence and work as a Security Guard.

However Security Guard licence holders cannot work in regulated entertainment venues or in premises that sell alcohol. For that you need to attend a Door Supervisor course.

We strongly recommend our customers to complete the Door Supervisor training over the standard Security Guard training as it gives you access to more job opportunities!

Course Breakdown

Unit 1 Working in the Private Security Industry
Unit 2 Working as a Security Officer
Unit 3 Conflict Management for the Private Security Industry

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