Mission Statement

MISSION STATEMENT: Our mission is to push forward the provision of excellent service within the security industry. We have made it our mission to encourage clients to demand and expect the best from us.

We aim to be an organisation that is known for the development and empowerment of its personnel which consequently leads to excellent service to our clients. We ensure that all SPECIAL SECURITY employees recognise the importance meeting our of our clients’ needs. It is our continuing priority to maintain and improve our levels of service to them.

We promise to:

Establish and build strong relationships with our clients through excellent service and communication.

Provide exceptional Customer Care which indeed is our hallmark and service signature.

Bring to our clients, professionally trained Security Personnel, all having received the SIA Qualification prior to being trained specifically for the assignment chosen.

Constantly review our business Strategy so as to flourish in this current financial climate which in turn benefits our clients

Provide regular training to our security personnel on first aid, fire safety, health and safety, conflict management, dealing with terrorist and bomb threats.

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