About Us


Special Security Force Ltd is one of the leading national security providers based in London, providing a range of services including static guards, key holding, mobile patrolling, CCTV monitoring, alarm response, gate house & reception security.

Our tried and tested, guards are fully trained and licensed to meet SIA standards, resulting in a dedicated team you can rely on to protect you and your assets. All our officers including Doormen/women are first aid and fire safety trained.


Our Operational Philosophy


Our vision is for Special Security to be the best security company in the business – not necessarily the biggest, although growth is the natural by-product of our focus on relationships, value and quality. Here is what being the best means to us:


The Best People


We back our employee background screening process and patented compliance control technology with a £10,000 000 guarantee. We protect our investment in selecting and training quality people with essential benefits, motivational incentives, and opportunities to advance.


The Best Training


With Special Security  as your training provider not only do you benefit from achieving the required qualifications and standards needed but we also help you in understanding and complying with current legislation around SIA Licence linked qualifications, at no extra cost whatsoever! 


The Best Customer Relationships


we pride ourselves for World Class Customer Service and we receive client testimonials, endorsements and referrals.


The Best Value


Special Security offers the local responsiveness of a small security company with the backing of large-scale resources and the convenience of single source access to national security services. 


The Best Quality


Our proprietary technology systems function as quality controls for our security service delivery processes. With these failsafe checks and balances.


The philosophy that has fuelled our success to date is that we are never “good enough.” At the heart of our company culture is a relentless drive to be better tomorrow than we are today.


Our Clients


Special Security provides security service for clients in a wide range of industries. Following are examples of markets in which we have a strong presence. 


  • Key Holding

  • Mall Security Guard

  • Reception And Building Security

  • Mobile Petrol

  • Retail Security

  • Video Surveillance

  • Executive Security

  • Corporate Security

  • Hotel Security

  • School Security





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