Welcome to Special Security Force where

Safety is our priority


We dedicate ourselves to protecting your business and your assets We understand the importance that you place on the safety of your clients, your customers and your products and we pride ourselves on providing the most efficient service to keep your mind at ease.


We place our client first in every aspect of our  services.

We have a mission to maintain a level of excellence in the delivery of our services, the conduct of our   personnel and achieving client satisfaction.

We only provide industry accredited, trained security personnel. In addition to the required accreditation.

We place our personnel on further in-house training in order to meet the standards we require to maintain the high level of excellence we abide by.

We focus on building trusting, long-term relationships with our clients and value their feedback.


TRANSPARENCY, INTEGRITY AND PASSION is what drives us to be better.

We are not just any other security firm, our goal is to provide the best security services without sacrificing excellence in client satisfaction. We challenge you to give us a try and put us to the test! Contact us  to speak to a member of our team to discuss your needs.


What makes our security services SPECIAL? 

As our vision is for Special Security to remain one of the best security companies in the business, we focus on exceeding our clients’ expectations with a high level of professionalism, reliability, discretion and a proven track record. “Good” is never good enough for us and we strive for excellence at all times. We are competitively priced whilst maintaining our high standards.

Our personnel are fully trained and vetted to meet the job specifications. We value our client feedback and continually strive to improve and innovate our services based on this.

Our MISSION is to build a reputation of excellence within the security industry, amongst our clients and partners who work with us. We work with the intention of empowering our team by ensuring they receive the best training and are confident and capable to maintain this reputation.


SIA Security Training

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